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Business Consulting

As part of our marketing consulting, we advise clients on marketing and advertising strategies such as brand image, products and so on. We perform various tasks including evaluating past and current marketing strategies, creating digital marketing campaigns and designing marketing materials. We also provide the following services:


Developing marketing strategies


We apply our clients' goals and data to their target audience to create tailored plans that present the client's products or services. These strategies can focus on one or a few points that our client should improve, such as an effective placing of advertisements and using social media platforms.




Branding is an essential part of a business as it identifies what sets it apart. We will work with the company to understand its mission, values and goals to create a relevant brand. We may also provide new product designs, relaunch your website or create a new slogan to increase brand awareness.


Creating SEO strategies


We develop search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for companies and set goals to improve their visibility on the Internet. We evaluate the current keywords (or generate new keywords) that they are focusing on and create a list of additional or better performing words to ensure their primary audience can find them online. These strategies can include creating digital content that can help them rank higher on search engine pages.

Business Consultation
Business Meeting

Consulting on Amazon, eBay, and Otto for e-commerce excellence

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