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Who we are

5 Promises GmbH is a multipurpose trading and consulting company based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Our business activities focus on wholesale and retail, in particular e-commerce, import & export, and Business Consulting in a wide range, especially in E-Commerce. We are an Europe-based company, but in addition to European companies, we also work with companies in Azerbaijan, Turkey, China and Central Asia. 


Our integrated online shop for Home and Garden Products is a platform for our own e-commerce channel with our own trademark. We also offer our products with the advantages of omni-channel commerce, especially on Amazon, eBay, Otto and others. Our goal is to produce and supply eco-friendly and high-quality products from the origin to the last consumer professionally and loyally.



5 Promises GmbH provides business consulting services with experts who offer professional advice, guidance, and actionable solutions to businesses. We provide feedback and actionable strategies to companies to improve their efficiency from A to Z in the area, such as E-Commerce. The goal of our consultants is to provide a procedure to follow so that the needed company reaches its objectives. For more information about our business marketing services, please visit the Services section of our website.

Business Meeting
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